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Have yourself a mindful little Christmas ... because we know the holidays can be hectic  

Do you ever find yourself wondering why "the most wonderful time of year" passes us by so quickly? Between busy schedules, presents to buy, and parties to attend, there is a lot happening during the holiday season.

 If you’re looking for ways to be more mindful this Christmas, we’ve got a few tips to help you out. You may know these already, but a little reminder never hurt…

  1. Slow down and relax

    We know something Santa won’t be able to give you, but you can give yourself: peace and quiet. You deserve that more than anything else under the tree this year.

  2. Be present

    No, do not become one with the presents you purchase. Try and find time for yourself each day. Most people enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but instead of drinking it in a hurry or on the go – carve out 10 minutes to really enjoy that cup. This can be both meditative and a great start to your day.  

  3. Want what you’ve got

    The holidays do not have to completely revolve around gifts, parties, and planning. Turn your focus towards friends, family, health, or anything you feel grateful for. The best thing to want around this time of year is what you’ve got right in front of you.

  4. Enjoy yourself

    Find joy in the little things and soak it all in. Sparkling lights everywhere you go? Yes, please. Quality time with friends and family by the fire? Absolutely. Good food and fun parties? Sign us up!

We know something else you might enjoy too – skin that is radiant and smooth. Skin stress is that last thing you want to think about during the holidays. So, why not treat yourself to Kleresca®? Our fluorescent light will keep on shining long after the festivities have ended, so the joy never has to end.

Go ahead, you take care of yourself and we’ll take care of your skin.

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It's Hygge Season
Learn to bring some gentle, relaxing vibes into your life

Throw on your softest sweater, pull up your fuzziest socks, and slather on that ultra-hydrating face cream because the time has come: Hygge season.
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