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Neck Neglect

The importance of facial neck and decolletage care
It’s no secret that most people focus a lot of attention to the face. But, if our facial skin is so important, why do we tend to forget about our neck and décolletage? It can be easy to forget to wear sunscreen on your chest and to apply moisturiser after showering. But if you really think about it, wouldn’t you rather your skin look refreshed all the way down to your décolletage?
How can you be better at caring for all three of these areas? For starters, think of your décolletage as an extension of your face. Your face, neck, and décolletage are exposed to extrinsic factors like the sun, pollution, and routines of your everyday lifestyle. Remember that they will show signs of ageing if you don’t show them some love. 
If you fall under the “neck neglect” category: don’t worry! We have a treatment that can help. 

It’s never too late to begin to care for your skin. Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation is designed to treat the face, neck, and décolletage to help ensure a rejuvenated look in your skin’s overall appearance. Using fluorescent light energy, the treatment is proven to reduce fine lines, scars and wrinkles, and build up collagen .
This boosts your natural glow to help you feel good about your skin – from your face down to your chest.

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What is Skin Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation comes in many forms. You can rejuvenate your mind, your body, and your skin. But, what does it actually mean to rejuvenate?
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